Do You Know Q-Ta Knight?

For everyone, maybe that’s not only one who don’t know what is Q-Ta Knight. So, here i will give you a little explain about it. (because i don’t like much talking formally Kukukuku :D)

Here we go,

Q-Ta Knight is a name for a group of knight that come from earth. They stray into another world that the people just as like as human. But, in intelligence they are not as like as human. People on that world not more smart than human. However they are not as smart as human, they can make some machine that can they use to connect with human’s world and learn some human’s culture such as talking, working, and others.

Q-Ta name is take from Net Cafe that main character always hang out with his friends. This name they bring to always remind them about where they were from.

From first place, they are 4 boys. They are Dicky (Wizard of Flames), Dimas (Wizard of Water), Djoni (Wizard of thunder and electrical), and Saeful (The iron hand). Someday they are split up and become wanted in every place. They valued be dangerous people because there they have a unique skill.

But, finally they can be trusted by the indigenous (Zigrya) and That 4 boys become Knight Group to fight the enemy (DemVo).

If you wonder about the story, you can download per part in this blog. Just take a look them and enjoy in my Blog.

Thank You very much. ^_^ v

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